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Office of the Registrar

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar

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Mission Statement

The Office of the Registrar is committed to helping our students meet their degree objectives. By building positive working relationships with our students and providing quality services, we lead them through their academic careers today for successful professions tomorrow.

"Empowering our students to become tomorrow's professionals."

Our services:

Class Registration, Class Permissions, Class Drops or Withdrawals, email us

CSUSB transcripts, Grade Forgiveness, Return from a Leave of Absence, email us

Transfer credits, PAWS reports, Grad Checks, Change of Major/Minor, Concurrent Enrollment, email us


For forms including: name changes, grade discounts for repeated courses, and more!

CSUSB Transcripts


We're here to notify students of registration appointment dates, assist in the registration process, MyCoyote navigation, withdrawal from the university, petitions to add, and more!

Adding a Class


For all questions about transfer credits transfer, graduation requirements, concurrent enrollments, change of majors, adding minors, processing certificate, and more!

Change of Major


Articulation refers to how transfer units (for courses or external tests like AP and IB) or transfer programs (like the Associate Degrees for Transfer) are used to meet program requirements at CSUSB. 


Additional Support